Life, Precious Life


This morning I was reminded about the value of life. It started with reading my friend’s Facebook status of greetings to her son, “wherever he is”. It is the anniversary of his death. He was in his late 20’s and died just months before he was to receive surgery for a lifelong heart condition he had. I let the tears fall in memory of him, the sweet relationship he and his mom had and the recollection of the beautiful memorial service we attended on his behalf.


Minutes after reading this post, my niece who is visiting with her family, came up to the bedroom telling me that Greg needed me downstairs right away. I came down, expecting Greg to show me something cute the dogs were up to. I found him holding my puppy, Bindi, in his arms choking to death. We shoved our fingers down her throat searching for the item, I put my arms around her chest and thrust. Greg took over and did the same again and again. My sister and her husband came to help. I watched as my adorable puppy’s tongue lolled out and turned blue. I watched the life drain from her as her mama stood there barking. And then, miracles of miracles, with yet another thrust to her belly, a tack came flying out of her mouth! Her colour began to return! And now, three hours later, she is sitting on my lap having a nap. You would never know anything had happened!

At 6am this morning our workers came and decorated everything! Very touching.

When we arrived on the land an hour ago the front gates were decorated in balloons and garland. As we descended to the Village site, we found one of the houses adorned in plants and more garlands. When we entered the house, there in the corner, was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with a model of baby Jesus below it! Okay, I admit it, more tears fell! [At this point, I’ve only been awake for three hours and it already feels like I’ve put in a day!]

I am reminded how bittersweet and precious life is.

-Heather Alicia 


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  1. Amelia says:

    Dear Alicia,
    I was crying for Bindi, before reading the happy outcome…. yes!! it was a miracle and I believe in them.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Wish you , Greg , Tica, Yanga and Bindi a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2012.

    • We are all very relieved and grateful around here. And now we’re micro-managing what she chews! Having lots of fun with my sister and family who are here for the holidays. Looking forward to seeing Antolin and the family tomorrow. Had a lovely celebration on the land with all the workers yesterday. Will post about that soon! Love to you! xoxo Alicia

  2. Charlene says:

    Hello! The moment I started reading your post, I had the worst feeling – Bindi, no!

    Then, the news turned for better and I read on with suspense, imagining what you folks were doing, trying to maintain calm for all and for mum too.

    I’m really so glad to learn that pup is ok! Not so long ago, we were about 3 hours lucky with Skye (after she happened upon a piece of rat poison!) and rushed her to the vet. I can only imagine the scare there since I’m sure vets are not nearly as conveniently located there as they are here in Vancouver.

    Thinking of you folks lots and enjoying your posts!

  3. Charlene-I am SO grateful Greg persevered and was successful. You are so right about the local vets. We are fortunate to have been eferred to a wonderful vet but unfortunately he is an hour away. Makes one realize that basic pet first aid is a must! Xox

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