Southridge Volunteers Arrive and Start to Work!


New beds and a dorm room for six!

After days of preparation, the Southridge students arrived in Tecpán yesterday afternoon. As we moved out, they moved in. We vacated our seven bedroom, three bathroom house so that they could all fit in. Greg, Dad, Tika, Bindi and I moved over to a beautiful little Mayan Art Gallery just a few blocks away and will stay here for the duration of the students’ visit.

We shared a meal of beans, rice, tortillas, guacamole and salsa last night. First lesson? These teenagers eat a ton! Next meal of tortillas will include 5 each!

First meal at Somos HQ

This morning after breakfast we did a lunch making “class” as the students will form teams with the Saints boys to do all the lunch prep before work each day. We drove to the land; us in the truck and the crew in the bus. After a tour of the land and welcome at the Gathering Place, the crew got to work.

We were thrilled to hear from Daryl Weaver (Southridge Service & International Learning Coordinator) that our workers were the best he has seen in all his service trips. He said that they were amazingly patient when teaching the students. It was so amazing to see them all working so happily together and then to see such great progress.

Orientation at the Gathering Place

From what I can tell, it looks like everyone is having a great time. After lunch, a bunch of the boys challenged our workers to a game of soccer. The dust was flying and the crowds (the rest of us) were cheering! What a blast!

This afternoon our Saints crew arrived and settled into their hotel. Tomorrow we will do their tour and orientation and then they’ll get to work. Stay tuned for lots of photos and stories!

We Can Do This!

-Heather Alicia


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  1. Laurence says:

    Hi Nick

    Looks amazing, hope you enjoy the experience, I am sure that you will have plenty of stories to tell us when we come to stay at Easter, have fun but be careful, I sound like your Mum, enjoy, Laurence & all the boys at Vyners school,
    PS Ed Walker says hello…..

  2. Doug Tennant says:

    What a great experience. I hope no one took a dive playing soccer. Next time you should challenge them to a game of rugby. Be safe!

  3. sheila dunn says:

    this looks like just the most amazing project….life altering! The students will remember this trip and and their contribution for the rest of their lives. The pictures are fantastic and look forward to updates on the wall.

  4. Thanks to all for following along! We’ve REALLY been enjoying getting to know the kids and are SO grateful for their hard work. This is a big project and we couldn’t do it without the help of many! We will keep the photos and blogs coming this week! Keep the comments coming-we love them!

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