Deafening Silence



All is quiet in Tecpán and in the Somos Headquarters/home. I should be relishing this silence. Shouldn’t I? This morning I feel this tinge of sadness. All the volunteers have left. The house and the land were filled with the sounds of young people for those two weeks and now, the silence is deafening.

I’ve written about it before and I am sure I will write about it again. This Project requires a ton of patience. The vision is to provide a loving home and community for vulnerable children. A village isn’t built over night though. It is years of planning, fundraising and constructing. At this time, as we build, it is pretty exciting to observe earth turning to homes, and walls, and gardens but there is still one important facet missing. The children.

Life and Laughter

The young Canadians that populated the land during their Spring Break brought life and laughter to the land. When they welcomed the local children for the activities day, the land came to life. The land is there to embrace children and it is during afternoons like that I am reminded it is coming.

How does that expression go?

Build it and they will come. 

-Heather Alicia

Build it and they will come


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