Healing Centre for All


In developing the practical designs from the Vision of Project Somos Children’s Village, we have worked to make every detail amplify the health-giving environment that is favorable to heal the trauma of the abandonment of orphaned and abandoned children. We are aware that architectural designs, gardens, landscaping and an overall atmosphere paying attention to Nature and beauty, will greatly assist the hands on care-giving work. But the positive effect of this curative design will not be only limited to the children, it will become a healing center for all.

Community Hall

Whether physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual challenges, most people have a lengthy journey to harmony and happiness in themselves and many seek out inner and outer assistance, guidance or healing at some point in their life. Our human imperfection is just a fact of being alive and we can chose to deal with it or not – we have the gift of free will. The “self help movement”, as it is called, generated 11 billion dollars in 2008. That’s a lot of people seeking alot of help!

The local visitors, staff, volunteers, and of course the children will all be immersed in the wonderful resonance of the magnificence of Nature. The vista of landscape with the seven volcanoes is awe-inspiring and awe goes along way to healing. The site plan, with colorful gardens, playgrounds, orchards and curved buildings, is being designed to reflect a harmony that will have a positive and penetrating impact upon anyone visiting or living there.

Looking at the world today, it seems obvious in my circle of friends and acquaintances that everyone can use a lift, an encouragement, and affirmation so they can rise to be the person they truly aspire to be. We all can take steps toward realizing our potential and it is our goal and Vision to make that a feasible reality in the real world with Project Somos Children’s Village – for the children and everyone participating. So I say to each and every reader – welcome!

Al the Best,
Tecpan, Guatemala


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  1. macrobe says:

    This is wonderful. Reminds me of the kibbutz I visited in Israel many years ago. My stay there changed my outlook on everything.

  2. Greg Kemp says:

    We recently had a group of 27 Canadian high school students who were volunteering and assisting us to build a 1/2 kilometer adobe wall. It was a transformative experience for them, particularly when
    the local village children came for a “kids day”. The students organized and implemented everything and they were really moved by the experience. For me, it was evidence of this, reciprocal “healing center” in action. Thanks for the comment.

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