These Days…


These days we have been watching the pile of earth turn to mud and then to bricks and then into a wall. The wall continues to take shape with entranceways and stepping stones. We are excited about having launched our "Adopt a Wall" campaign and are looking forward to seeing plaques hang on every section and to fruits, flowers and berries coming to fruition in front of each section!

These days my heart gets warmed to see friends walk on the land and enjoy the magic this beautiful place offers each of us.

The dogs never tire of their time on the land. Our two, Tika and Bindi are THRILLED every day we drive up to the land. Bindi is always excited to see her friends, "Dog", Puccino and Sheppa!

These days it gets greener and greener every day. Seeds have been planted a little garden is being planned.

These last few days I have enjoyed sharing with more of my family. It's moving to see my nieces working alongside their "grumpa" on the land.

As always, it is the presence of children on the land that reminds us why this Project is so important. ALL children deserve to grow up loved and surrounded by beauty.


These days are full and rich and beautiful. Each day we move closer to realizing the vision to create a brighter future for children in need.

Heather Alicia


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