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This week has been busy with the preparations for the Open House that Project Somos will be hosting on Saturday, June 30th. Heather and Greg have invited people from the community of Tecpán, Chivarabal and Antigua to showcase the work that the Project has been doing this past year. The day will consist of a guided tour, information about the Project, freshly baked bread as well as a planting activity for the children. Brooke has taken on the role of assistant bread maker to Daniel, one of the workers who used to be a baker. This past week, they have perfected baking it in the pizza oven.

Both of us will be helping lead the children’s activity. We cut 2 litre pop bottles in half and filled it with dirt for the kids to plant their seeds in. There is still a lot of work to do for Saturday but we are excited to see it all come together.

Last weekend we went to Monterrico and had a wonderful time sun bathing on the black sand beaches and meeting other tourists. We stayed in a hotel that was directly on the beach which had a beautiful view as well as good food!  When we first got to Monterrico we noticed how humid and hot it was, compared to Tecpán which was a nice change. Even though it is only a 3 hour trip away, it was interesting to see the differences. Not only the transition from the green forest to a dry climate but we also noticed how different the locals dressed compared to Tecpán where they are more conservative and traditional.

We are sad to say that we are leaving Tecpán this Sunday, but we will have a week in Guatemala to visit other places like Antigua, Lan Quin, Semuc Champey, Tikal and Guatemala City. This will be a very full week of travel!

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Brooke and Meggan


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  1. Gin Nielsen says:

    Thank you so much Brooke and Megan for all of your hard work, and loving inspiration while on the Project! It’s wonderful volunteers like you that enrich our experience and make Project Somos come to life!

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