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Meggan and Brooke

We are two Canadian girls from Vancouver who are students studying at Capilano University in the Global Stewardship program. We will be spending our month of June volunteering with the amazing Organization called Project Somos. The aspect of this organization that intrigued us the most was the fact that they are doing all of this by being environmentally conscious. This is our second day with project Somos and we have already learned many helpful tips.

1) WEAR SUNSCREEN Even if it looks grey and cloudy and apply everywhere!!!

2) Project Somos isn’t just about housing orphaned children, it’s about bringing the community together, educating youth and creating knowledge with the locals on sustainability.

3) WEAR SOCKS THAT ARE APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR FOOTWEAR (we both learned this the hard way by wearing ankle socks with hiking boots)

Even though both of us have seen lots of pictures of Project Somos and their progress, it was nothing like we could have imagined.The first day on site we got a tour of the gorgeous land. We both were in awe of the view of the volcanoes and the 2 lovely houses that are in the process of being built. It was so impressive to see the eco-bricks and earth bags that are used for insulation and structure of the walls.

Working in the garden

The past two days our main job has been helping Greg with the community garden. We have become expert weeders and seed planters. Today we went to the local market to buy long socks and we are ready for another days work! We will blog every week to keep you posted on our adventures!!!

Adios, Brooke & Meggan

Prepping the shelving for varnishing


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  1. Greg Kemp says:

    We are grateful to have your assistance and presence in the development of the Village. you have already been a great help in the last days and I expect the weeks ahead will be amazing. Gracias, Gregorio

  2. Nadine says:

    Hi Megs, you are too beautiful to be working so hard! Your gran taught you about Sunscreen years ago, no need to go to Guatemala to learn that! Looks like fun, lots of Love from Na X

  3. Lesley says:

    Love the blog, can’t wait for the next one! Great job you are doing there, enjoy every moment! Keep safe! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back, see you all in July. Lots of love, Rob and Les xx

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