Granito de Arena- Grains of Sand


In the midst of the practical busyness of constructing the Project Somos Children’s Village, in all of its many components, I can forget the core reason and intention for embarking on the journey to complete it.  I was reminded today by the documentary film by Pamela Yates. Granito-How to Nail a Dictator

To offer a safe and loving home to orphaned and abandoned children, for me, is a worthwhile endeavor.  In, and of itself, this goal is sufficient to suffer whatever comes to complete it.  But in my heart of hearts there is another intention that is the true driving force that fuels this vision. It has been my heart’s intention for many decades and now it is taking shape in building a Children’s Village.

For me, the world I live in is an extreme paradox, and I am grateful I have had some success in reconciling the gap between the apparently opposing poles.  On one side, this world has an exquisite Beauty and Harmony, which for me, reaches an “inexplicable dimension”.  On the other side is a dark, harsh, almost sci-fi world ruled by the heartless, reaping unnecessary human suffering and disastrous consequences in Nature.  I believe most people reading this can recognize the two poles.

I understand my role here as a human is to be an agent with an unlimited capacity to bring this darker side up a notch or two, by harnessing that “inexplicable dimension” within myself and anchoring it in action.  It is less dramatic and mystical than it sounds and really comes down to going beyond our comfort zone, thinking of others and considering what is needed in each moment where I am, or simply, bringing love into action.

Perhaps we are living in the pivotal time when this world will turn away from the destructive elements of ego based individualism and humanity will be brought to a crisis point of realizing the necessity of taking care of each other. Perhaps the human community will evolve as other communities in Nature, to benefit from the communal knowledge and experience, and we will will reach a momentum to rise out of our base and counter productive cultural behaviors.  Perhaps humanity will reach its potential to be stewards of each other and this planet.  This is my hope, this is my vision.

The goal of the Children’s Village is to enable abandoned children to become functioning citizens of Guatemala and the world, with the capacity to be compassionate and with the ability to think creatively and critically. It is a big project and Heather Alicia and I have not come this far by ourselves, we have a brilliant and loving team of friends and family that have dedicated themselves and participated in every step of the Project to bring us to where we are today.

Unfortunately, just one or two people cannot change the course of the world today and one project will also not create the monumental shift needed to alter the current downward spiral of humanity. The good news is that there are millions of organizations and millions of people working today out of their concern for the welfare of others and this planet’s wellbeing. There is a resilient wave of altruism sweeping the world as people awakened to the hope and possibility that they, joined with others, will create the positive shift that is needed.  Every grain of sand counts and together they amount to something. As one person there is not a lot I can do, but together we can rise to accomplish great goals. And so we continue……




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