How can it already be the last day of November?!

Maco's son, Michael flying his kite on the land

It is our second November here in Tecpán and this year we are more familiar with the change of weather that comes at this time of the year. The rains have stopped and the dry season is most definitely here. The winds have picked up and the clear skies bring very warm days and very cold nights.

Christmas in November

Kites speckle the sky and electrical wires display the carnage of those kites that didn’t make it through the windy month. Like in North America, the signs of Christmas seem to arrive earlier and earlier every year. During a trip to a mall in the Capital, we discovered the largest, most decorated tree ever!

It is an exciting time here as we are in the final stretches of completing the first two homes. This week Greg and I took a day-long trip to Chimaltenango, the building capital of this area. We spent the entire day shopping for toilets, sinks, plumbing, tiles and paint. Chuck (the truck) was loaded to the max as we slowly made our way back to Tecpán and then the next day to Chivarabal.

The transformer is installed!

We are still waiting for the floors to dry but meanwhile, the bathrooms will be tiled and equipped, Conejo’s patio will be completed and the baseboards will be put in. I think the most exciting news of the week is that our transformer was installed! We will soon have electricity hooked up to the houses! I think it is time to buy a Christmas tree (live, of course) and hang some lights. I can’t imagine a more exciting time of the year to be able to flip the switch!

-Heather Alicia


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