The Funk Factor


On Saturday morning Greg and I headed to Lake Atitlan for 30 hours of relaxation and good food. We returned a little more refreshed and much more inspired.

Lake Atitlan

For the first time ever, we visited the little community of Santa Cruz. It is the first stop after Panajachel and is nestled right on the Lake. It’s small with not much going on. Exactly what we were looking for!

For those not familiar with Guatemala and some of its more touristy spots, Guatemala is full of inspiration. Besides the settings being absolutely paradisiacal, the hotels and restaurants are so cool. There is so much imagination in the design and decor of all these places. We call it the funk factor.

Decor is made from everything you can imagine. Old bottles, cans, stones, broken tiles and mirrors, baskets, etc. etc. Nature is always incorporated. Flowers in every colour bloom much of the year.

I love collecting photos of these inspiring spots we discover on our excursions. As many of you are aware, we believe that beautiful things will facilitate healing in the children that will live in this Village. We want them surrounded by things that inspire them and get their creative juices flowing.

Have a peek at some of the photos I took over the weekend.

-Heather Alicia

Hidden places to relax and reflect.

Check out how this plant has climbed and clung to the ceiling of this patio. Love it!

At night, it's all about the lighting. This place had such a great atmosphere. La Iguana Perdida.

Can't get much more beautiful than this!

One of many stunning gardens! You can't beat flowers for their beauty!

The billowing fabric creates such a beautiful feeling with the wind blowing off the lake.


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  1. Gin Nielsen says:

    Dear Alicia and Greg,

    So wonderful to see you nurturing each other! You are always thinking about; and working on Project Somos. It’s wonderful to see you relaxed and enjoying the exquisite beauty of Lake Atitlan.

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