A Gentle Reminder


Looking down at the Gathering Place and Garden

We recently had some good friends, who live near us, come to an afternoon meal at the Project Somos building site. They hadn’t been to visit for quite a few months and they reminded me once again that we are making big strides ahead. It is easy to forget, or take for granted, the progress when one is immersed in the Project, day after day.

I appreciate looking through other’s eyes when they visit, as it gives me a fresh view of the vision for the Children’s Village and allows me to appreciate where we are. I know I have one of the best commutes to work in the world, but when a visitor sees those towering volcanoes for the first time, their response reawakens me. Sometimes my “to-do” list, running through my mind, is a big impediment to being fully present and really see what is there.

From the roof of Tortuga looking at the cistern and Conejo

So, I want to thank everyone who has visited and been moved by the landscape, the Somos vision, and the progress we have made in that direction. Because of the comprehensive and wide-reaching nature of the goal, sometimes I forget to deeply appreciate the journey with all its challenges. I am reminded by others, and I have to remind myself that we are doing well. This is an incredible road that we are on, together.

-Greg Kemp


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  1. Gin Nielsen says:

    Beautifully written Greg. I am so grateful to be able to ‘visit’ the Project whenever you and Alicia post here. I look forward to my next real visit in the near future.
    xo Gin

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