Tika Talks-When I was a Kid


Me as a kid-dog

In just over a week, I will turn six human years. I have been with my people since I was just over three months. They had no plans to adopt a dog but I successfully wiggled my way into their hearts. Initially they fostered me, but most wise people know that fostering is nothing more than a marketing ploy. How could people ever give back such a cute dog?

I came into Greg and Heather’s lives at the point where they were developing the idea for the Children’s Village. They knew that they would be moving to Guatemala one day and could not figure out how they would manage with a dog. I was able to convince them that I would make the best Village dog for the children.

Heather likes to listen to books about dogs and I generally eavesdrop. In a recent listen we heard about a study that said that puppies learn faster when there is a wiser more experienced dog around to “teach” by example. Duh. Seems kind of obvious to me considering how much humans struggle with communicating with us.

I have been training Bindi since she joined us and she’s a pretty quick learner. I am also working on Janga but because she came to us older, she’s a harder sell. Step by step, I guess.

I will insure that all dogs that come to live with the children in the Village, treat the kids properly. I will show them that when a child is crying or feeling sad, you snuggle as close to them as possible. You lick their faces and even clean up their snot if you have to. It’s all in the job description.

Me and Greg in the tulip fields

I thought I would share some of my earlier photos of when I was a kid.

Hasta Luego (that means “see you soon” in Spanish)



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  1. Gin Nielsen says:

    Thanks for my morning smile Tika. o’s Tia Gin

  2. Amy says:

    Oh my, what a cute puppy you were Tika! But don’t worry, you’re still cute now too! Miss you Roo Roo! Lots of love!

  3. Skye says:

    Super cute, Tika!

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