Guest Blogger- Maureen Cameron What Would Love Do?


Today is Tuesday . Dawn comes fast and early at this latitude.  It is barely 6, I’ve been awake now for over an hour watching the brightening light through the curtains in my bedroom window.  The work day begins early and now the sounds begin with the dogs announcing and sometimes challenging the arrival of Maco opening the gate, the workers bundled up for the early morning cold, and the sounds of people in the house and outside beginning to move around.  The smell of coffee might be the first indication that Corey’s up and ready to go.  Last night we had our first real success at getting several of us on the internet on our individual computers, and at a good speed.  It is unpredicatable and patience is certainly called for.

As a volunteer you quickly learn that flexibility, resourcefulness and going with the flow creatively is the way for a satisfying time here.   Heather and Greg have a bumper sticker on the fridge: What Would Love Do?  I love reading that and see that it is key to how Project Somos was conceived and is being nourished.  So much is in flux and flow for us living together here, from systems for dishes, keeping food safe, cooking and cleaning chores, where does the toilet paper go? What about the chicken bones?  Who knows where the honey is?  How do we get groceries?  And my favorite from this week around the dishes: we have little light in the outdoor kitchen to know when the dishes are clean, so either we decide to do them in the morning, or as happened this week, Denis picked up a night washed pot, looked at it and begain soaping and rinsing it all over saying, it WAS clean, but now it’s “CLEANER”.

Most of the volunteers have varying degrees of Spanish fluency and the workers and crew are wanting to learn English, so there is a lot of exchange going on amidst much laughter.  Today I am off to Antigua to study at Sevilla Spanish Academy and stay with a homestay family for a few days.  I really do want to be able to have more  conversations with people so hopefully this brain with cooperate and make room for espagnol.   So my mosaic almost finished second sink will have to wait a bit…or someone else will finish it.  I will look forward to returning to the finca and everyone as it is an awesome team and yet I’m told Antigua is a great place to visit.

Love to all   Maureen-a   or MoMo  my new nickname here.



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  1. Gin Nielsen says:

    MoMo on the gogo! I love reading your blogs and my heart is full to see your beautiful smiling face!

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