Lots Going On…


I don’t believe things have ever been busier around here…

Between our nine participants and TV crew, 14 local workers and our team of five volunteers, we are running, running, running!

A typical scene around here these days

Because we are obliged to keep quiet about the “The Project” I will not go into any details in that department. (it is exciting though!) We will continue to reveal more when we are permitted.

The majority of our guys are working with the participants. Others are working to complete the two family homes; “Conejo” and “Tortuga”.

Many of you know that we’d hoped to do compacted earth floors with linseed oil. We have experimented in one of the bedrooms and the decision was unanimous; it won’t work for us. As cool as it looks, we feel that it is too dark and a bit ugly. It could work in a small home with lots of furniture but for larger spaces we feel it would be too overwhelming.


Compacted earth floors with two coats of linseed oil

We are concerned that the department of children, who will be approving our application, might have concerns about it, thinking it was dirty. So…we are going to tile the house. We have already done the kitchen in Conejo and today the tile in Tortuga’s kitchen will be completed. Both look amazing and we are very happy about the choices we made.

Conejo kitchen is nearly completed and looks amazing! It’s being used by our team of volunteers and they are loving it! Light fixtures are being hung and paint is being touched up in both homes. These two places are looking more and more like homes every day!

Tortuga's kitchen tiles will be completed today

We are also preparing for March and April when we will have four different schools and 50 students coming to volunteer with us! Menus are being planned and beds are being made in preparation of their arrivals!

My godfather, Derek working on building more beds for the students

Maureen working on menu plans for the students

Step by step,

-Heather Alicia


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  1. Bruce Cox says:

    Hey SalMo….. Lovely building interior you are working in. Menu’s for 50 or more? Wow…… but you won’t be there to join in the fun? !


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