We are still in the midst of this television project. As this happens, we continue to plug away at an array of details that need our attention. Thanks to our awesome team of volunteers, we are making progress…

-I am plugging away at the application to receive children. Because photos are needed to showcase where the kids will live, etc. I await completion of a few things

Conejo Kitchen

-Kitchens are nearing completion in both houses. Conejo’s kitchen is 95% complete. It awaits curtains on the cupboards, drawer fronts and an upper cabinet

Tortuga's Kitchen

-the kitchen in Tortuga awaits tiles on the countertops (the cabinet wood needs to dry), drawers, curtains and a couple more shelves

Bathroom sinks

One of the showers

-the bathrooms are looking awesome and only need a bit more painting, towel racks and toilet paper dispensers

-all the bedrooms, living rooms, etc. await tiles, the tiles are purchased and are waiting to be laid

Cooking Classes with Mo

-Maureen is giving cooking lessons to Nico and Dora in preparation of our March/April school groups

-paint touch ups have been done

-new beds are nearly completed for our volunteer groups

One of the light fixtures

-light fixtures are slowly being hung

-the children’s bedrooms are ready for furniture…and children!

Stay tuned for more photos and progress as it happens!

-Heather Alicia


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  1. Gin Nielsen says:

    With each report and photo share my heart fills with joy and pride to see how far we’ve come. Project Somos is moving along, thoughtfully and steadfast. We are one step closer to realizing our vision!

    with loving admiration,

  2. Judy Village says:

    Wow! The kitchens and bathrooms look fantastic – congratulations on all your hard work,

  3. Rivka says:

    What a treat to see how very much you’ve accomplished and are continuing to do. Will be so wonderful when kids actually arrive to live!

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