Beautiful Silence



We are nearly two weeks out of production. The finca is basking in the beautiful silence. We are recovering. It was a full and intense number of months leading up to and during production.

Larry, Carol and Greg in Ajijic, Mexico

Greg and I have been to Mexico and back. We went to Ajijic, where we visited with our dear friends, Carol and Larry. We ate good food, shared many heartfelt conversations and we breathed in the inspiring colours and sites of Mexico.

This week we are preparing for the arrival of four schools and 55 students! They won’t all be here at the same time but will spread over a month. In preparation, we are counting beds, pillows, sheets, forks and spoons to make sure everyone has a place to sleep and something to eat with!

Maureen has been volunteering with us for the past three months. She has been working on the menu for the students and training Nico and Dora in cooking new recipes. Susan has been working closely with Jane of Stratosphere International on all the details of the students’ travel, etc. For the most part, I think everyone is feeling ready!

The students will be building the playground, planting trees and plants, painting, making lamps, etc. As always, there is no shortage of work to do around here. Greg is busy designing the stations in the playground and organizing how it will all be executed with the students on site.

The colours and inspiration of Mexico

As always, I wish I was blogging more. And as always, I am finding the days full to the brim!

-Heather Alicia

Greg and I in Mexico


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  1. Gin Nielsen says:

    Dear Alicia,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to fill us in on the goings on at the Village. I marvel at your level of energy and loving commitment to this amazing project and the children of Guatemala. Your kindness knows no boundaries and you continue to inspire people all around the world! Sending love right back at you!

  2. Diana Sandberg says:

    Blessings on you wonderful folks.

  3. Thanks for the love Diana!

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