Hasta Pronto Mo!


Tomorrow morning my dear friend, Maureen Cameron gets on a plane back to Canada. After three months of volunteering with us, we are all very sad to say goodbye to her.

Mo, Dad and I at our favourite coffee shop in Tecpán

I first met “Mo” back in 1988 when I attended a parenting class that she and her husband taught. Three years later she and I began working together in Wondertree’s Homelearners Network. We worked together for five years. We offered courses, put on an annual homelearners conference, published a newsletter and travelled throughout BC, meeting with homelearning families.

After we stopped working together, Maureen and I stayed close friends. Maureen is one of the most beautiful and loving women I know. I feel honoured to call her friend.

Maureen hasn’t travelled much in recent years but she was willing and excited to come to Guatemala. She came with an open mind and open heart and I believe this set the tone for her experience here. She embraced her work with such enthusiasm and flexibility. With very little Spanish, she worked alongside Nico and Dora, teaching them healthy and delicious recipes they will prepare for volunteer groups.

Cooking class

During their lively cooking classes, the fridge door would fill with dry-markered Spanish and English food words, delicious wafts of onion, garlic and ginger would fill the air and always, there was the sound of laughter as the women worked together.

No one wants to say goodbye to Maureen but the reality is, she has a life and life calls. We hope this nothing but “hasta pronto” and that we will soon see Maureen’s twinkling blue eyes and huge smile as she steps on Guatemalan soil again!

Table moving

Vaya bien Mo!

-Heather Alicia


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