On Being A Man


When I look back into the record of human history, I see a world not much different than today in many respects.  There is war, hunger, and migration for survival.  Surely after so many centuries of repeating disastrous scenarios, the pattern could have been changed? This race to the bottom, has been, and is currently lead by men.  It is disturbing for me as a man, to accept this.

It is bewildering as well to see, over the millennia that women have been so ignored, oppressed and abused.  This is still the case in most places in the world.  Have men learned nothing from history?  Are our leaders so shallow and bound by ego as not to see that woman as an entire gender have more in common with Creativity than men do?  Perhaps that is the reason women are oppressed and silenced.

This is how I see it from my life-long inquiries: The gifts that  women are born with, men have to work to achieve. What gifts you ask?  Woman are hard-wired, by Nature with unconditional love, and this enables them to care for their offspring and sacrifice themselves for their children and thus preserve the species.  They are the homemakers and true providers of stability of the family.  Just ask Mohammed Yunus, of the Grameen Bank, who only made a million microcredit loans to women because they work for the family without self-interest.

So where does this leave us today?  Personally, I am disturbed and somewhat disgusted by the mob of men, in positions of authority, who consider themselves the heir to authority because of their gender.  Men have made an incredible mess of this world and if it keeps going in the same direction, we can kiss all that we love goodbye – forever. Perhaps it is time for men to humble themselves, do some inner work to lessen the influence of ego, and acknowledge the valuable role women can play is our crisis today.  Enough is enough. Men – time to wake up.

The words of the poet Hafiz describes a less destructive destination of being a man in the following lines:


Once a young woman asked me,

“How does it feel to be a man?”

And I replied,

“My dear,

I am not so sure.”

Then she said,

“Well, aren’t you a man?”

And this time I replied,

“I view gender

As a beautiful animal

That people often take for a walk on a leash

And might enter in some odd contest

To try to win strange prizes.

My dear,

A better question for Hafiz

Would have been,

‘How does it feel to be a heart?’

For all I know is Love,

And I find my heart Infinite

And Everywhere!”


Translation by Daniel Ladinsky – I Heard God Laughing –Renderings of Hafiz

It is my hope, gullible as it may be, that men will “consider themselves their homework and solve it”.




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