A Meeting at the Local School


This morning we went to the local school and had a meeting with Clara. Clara is the young principal of the Chivarabal school. We have been developing a relationship with her and with the school over the last year or so.

Today we met to discuss many things. It was a great meeting and it ended with alot of good will and much potential, both ways. We are fortunate to be in such a great community with such wonderful people.

A festivity held at the local school

Playground We talked about a regular playground time with the kids. With our playground being the only one in the vicinity, we want to be able to share it with the beautiful kids of the local community. We will arrange a set time for the kids to come and play after school for now. Any of the teachers are free to call us and book a playground time for their class as well.

A visit from the local school

Library With our growing collection of children’s Spanish books, we want children to be able to start to enjoy them right away. We will have another set time for the “library”. I am super excited about this! I love books and I love sharing them with children.

Garden space The local school has a little garden project on site at the school. They do this with two of the grades. Their space is very tiny and limited. We let them know that if they wanted to expand this program, we would be happy to share a plot of land with them. This sparked some excited interest!

Local widow We have heard that there are number of widows with young children in the vicinity. When we have groups, we could use some extra local help for early mornings and evenings. Nico and Dora who manage all food, shopping and cleaning live 8km away in Tecpán. We would like to offer an employment opportunity for one of the widows if they are interested. Clara will let them know we are looking.

The local school and some of the children

We also discussed upcoming events that the school will host that we are invited to. All in all it was a great meeting and I am excited about how we can all move forward together serving children.


-Heather Alicia


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