Sacred LEGO

LEGO, sacred LEGO

LEGO, sacred LEGO

I put out a call to a group of friends asking if they could spare some of their family LEGO.  Not all their LEGO, but maybe a ziplock bag full.

This call out was in response to a request that the kids in the Village would benefit from the learning that goes on when using LEGO.

The responses were astonishing to me.  And not what you might think.

“No way!  I can’t share my LEGO”.  “Are you kidding me, you want my LEGO?!”  “My future children might want to use it!”

These were responses from grown children.  Children who own cars and have jobs and girlfriends.  Young people who volunteer their time, energy and expertise on many projects and festivals.

Some of my closest friends just shared bits of LEGO  (your secret is safe with me).

It’s funny how ‘sacred’ our belongings become.

Gin Nielsen, Guest Blogger

Past Board Member

p.s. Anyone have some LEGO they’d like to share? Check out our wish list here.


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  1. Maria says:

    Oh dear! I know, used lego is one of the hardest things to come by for that very reason. I am glad some amazing donor have sent their bits and bites now! Keep trying, one day we will beat our materialism.



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