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Not sue if you saw the Mother’s Day edition of the Province in Vancouver, but Heather and two of our resident children were on the front page and there was a two-page spread inside with lots of awesome photos.  Following that, we were interviewed on Breakfast TV, just after Rick Hansen.  Wow! We were stoked and thought this exposure would surely translate into more interest and some donations.

Well, it didn’t, and we were shocked.  Perhaps we were naïve to think it would result in anything tangible.  After considering it, and talking to other people, we realized there may have been a reason that no new interest or donors appeared.  In retrospect, maybe we appeared too successful, and well on our way to completing our mission. Indeed, we are on our way, but we actually are at the beginning and this was not communicated clearly in the article or interview.

Project Somos has a big vision to give a hand up to abandoned and widowed mothers with children and we still have a long way to go to complete what we began.  Support is still needed and is reflected by the fact we had to lay off half of our workers in May because the financial well went dry.  I don’t think our confident smiles on TV conveyed our urgent need for funds to continue our journey.

Our reflection on this publicity adventure did produce a positive.  The great article and interview did showcase what had happened in the last three years on the ground, which in my estimation as Project Manger is amazing.  This recognition of achievement can go to all those who have supported Somos over the years and assisted us to get to where we are today. The Province article was a testament to their faith, good heartedness and desire to make the world a better and kinder place.  Thank you.  We continue the journey…




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  1. Gin says:

    Thank you for voicing the continued need for support Greg.

    I, too, felt the media coverage made it seem like we had ‘made it’, that we were ‘there’ and didn’t need help anymore.

    It would be marvelous if the paper and the breakfast crew could do a monthly or bi-monthly piece on how we are doing, how grateful we are for all of our sponsors and donors and for the incredible love and commmitment of our Guatemalan workers and volunteers from around the world!

    The work continues….

  2. Jennifer Rapley says:

    Very interesting post, Greg. I wish they titled the article “The Village That BC is Building”!

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