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Emily at Project Somos

Emily at Project Somos

It has been nearly 4 month since my trip to Guatemala, and I haven’t forgotten a moment of it. It’s truly remarkable what Founders, Greg Kemp and Heather Knox have done, what they have accomplished, and their vision has motivated me to become more in-touch with the importance of grassroots organizations such as Project Somos.

I spent only 10 days in Guatemala with my school group, and only 6 of those days at the Village itself, but I have no doubt that it is the most important and inspiring trip I have ever taken. Seeing the poverty that many families have to live in, and the amazing work that the Project is doing for those families, really solidified what I want to do with my future career and demonstrated the difference that a glimour of hope can have to families (especially children) with nowhere else to turn.

I owe so much of my experience to the children, watching them become confident and comfortable in their new home. Alberto’s story particularly took a toll on me personally, as we played on children’s day, I saw the silly child-like grin on his face, and found it hard to believe that only a few weeks ago he had been working in the fields instead of swinging, slaving in a thread factory instead of playing soccer – it broke my heart that he is not the only one.

ImageNot only did I feel like I became part of the community, but working on building the library (using earthbag construction) with my schoolmates created bonds that cannot be put into words. Together we created (or at least helped create) something useful, something that will be adored by children throughout the Village and beyond, and there is no greater feeling than that.

Check out this video I put together about our time in Guatemala.

–          Emily Evans, Strathcona Tweedsmuir School, on the project April 2014


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