Let Them Eat Tortillas


Yesterday morning we had a visit by a young mother with three young children under eight. They came with her sister and knocked on our gate to inquire if she could find a home for this abandoned sister and her children. She was married for eight years and her husband abandoned her 4 years ago. Her sister, with whom she is currently living, has four children of her own and can only manage to support her own family.

Unfortunately this is a story we have heard too many times. These children are eating only tortillas and salt with coffee every day. The coffee suppresses their hunger. This is a common practice with those who have no means to buy or grow food. The developmental damage this does to a child is devastating for a lifetime. I am simultaneously saddened and angered.

povertyMy sadness comes from the persisting question of how this has persisted in this country and the world for so many decades-centuries. Why have the poor been left to languish in a vacuum while in reality there has always been enough food, shelter and decent employment to go around?

My anger comes from the knowledge that there has been a system in place for decades–centuries that enables such poverty to persist. To say it feeds off of the poor may be extreme, but they are the recipients of the negative side of that system which allows some to soar and some to plummet.

It is heartbreaking to sit face to face with the beating hearts and bright eyes of those who are in the grips of extreme poverty to have a conversation about the extreme struggle of their life. It is infuriating to know that there are those who are indifferent to the dark plight of their countrymen and women and disconnect themselves from millions of undernourished mothers and children, living in this small country.

It is not a lack of information that keeps the elite from reaching out to assist.It is a decision and it is justified by a soul-killing attitude of indifference. These kind-hearted people did not chose to be born poor, do not deserve to suffer the severe lack of basic necessities of life and would tirelessly work to change their situation.

The entitled attitude of “let them eat tortillas” must end.



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  1. Lorena Battistel says:

    Greg, I keep you and Heather in my thoughts and prayers as this must be so hard for you two to witness day in and day out. I know you are doing so much good, but stories as the one you’ve shared here tears at one’s soul and I can imagine the stress it puts on the two of you. Please take care of yourselves! I’m praying for peace and health for you and Heather. You’re always asking for help for others, is there something we can do for the two of you?

    • Thank you dear Lorena. We are grateful for your support and offer of ways to support us more. I’ll definitely keep your offer in mind! It is a lot to bear on a day to day basis and most don’t realize that. It helps to know that your thoughts and prayers include us! love Heather

  2. Gin says:

    I donated today.
    Let’s hope that others will lend a hand to those who cannot support themselves.

    Tia Gin

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