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Tika Talks BannerAccording to child psychologist, Boris Levinson of Yeshiva University, troubled, withdrawn children became more talkative and engaged when he had his therapy dog around with the kids. An interesting study done by psychologist, Sigal Zilch-Mano said that people’s stress levels went down when taking a test with their pets close by. Another study showed that people’s stress hormone, cortisol went down when they were interacting with their dog.


You don’t have to read a scientific journal to know this. I for one, could have told you…or you could look at the photos of me with the kids. Yes, the kids spend time with the other dogs too but I have a much better grasp about how all of this works.

A therapists work is never done

A therapist’s work is never done

There are 11 children that live here at Project Somos now. Some of them were afraid of dogs when they arrived but all have learned that we are here to protect and love them. I intuitively know which kids need my attention most and make an effort to quietly sit close to them. I let them pet me, lay on me and scratch my belly. I listen to their problems when they want to talk. And I keep everything to myself. I respect their confidentiality. These are my “clients” or “patients” and I take my job seriously.

Dogs need to listen and pay attention

Dogs need to listen and pay attention

I can see that the other dogs try to emulate my way with the kids but they don’t quite have it mastered. Sparky can get a little hyper and distracted. Bindi is getting pretty good at it but I would never admit that out loud. She is so huge, takes up so much space and gives way too many kisses.

Bindi tries her best

Bindi tries her best

I believe dogs make the best therapists for children. I think most kids would agree with me on this one.

-Tika, Somos Village Dog #1

Sometimes they need my help and support in the preschool

Sometimes they need my help and support in the preschool

p.s. Pick up a copy of “Scientific American Mind” with the picture of the cute black and white border collie on the cover to read more about dogs and our amazing impact on humans. (May/June 2015 issue)


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  1. Gin says:

    Oh Tika, I knew you were brilliant at your first ‘woof’!

    Your unconditional loving attention is absolutely priceless, and the kids will always remember your sweet, loyal way with them.

    Missing your delightful smile and wagging tail….
    Tia Gin

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