The Holidays at Project Somos

Toy making time with our workers!

Toy making time with our workers!

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us at Project Somos.
We held our Santa workshop where for two days, our workers made beautiful wooden toys for the kids! (their kids and the Somos kids) This year we made wagons and wooden block sets (like Jenga).

Solstice Celebration

Solstice Celebration

We had our second annual solstice celebration. It was a beautiful evening which was full of peace and wonder. You’d never know there were over 20 kids in the room. It was soooo quiet.

We celebrated two birthdays; Juanita turned three and Natalia turned six. Baking happened with the mamas of the girls; a big double layered banana cake and chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles. Greg and I also had a special birthday party celebration at our house for the three “big” girls. They all got dressed up in the red/pink velvet dresses I’d picked up at the second hand store and we had dinner by candlelight together. Pure magic.

We had a potluck dinner with our families and all the staff (and their families) that work directly with the mamas. We had a hilarious gift exchange with the adults and the kids got their presents made by the workers! The meal was delicious and the kids were flying high, til way past bedtime!

A baking mama

A baking mama

We had an afternoon party with our workers and all their families which included a gift exchange, presents for the kids, a piñata, refreshments and a Christmas movie. A good time was had by all!

On Christmas Eve morning Greg and I gathered with all the mamas and kids and we had a pancake breakfast together before everyone headed to town to go visit with their respective families for the next two days.

All but one family left. Claudia and her four year old daughter, Mariana spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with Greg and I. Claudia’s family has basically, rejected her. Our therapist gave Claudia a couple of options for the holidays and in the end, she chose to spend that time with us. What an honour.

The wagons are a huge hit!

The wagons are a huge hit!

I had fun preparing a special stocking full of goodies for the two of them. We ate and visited and got to know each other better. Claudia is our newest mama and we hadn’t had much opportunity to just “be” together yet.

And now as the new year approaches, we are looking ahead to 2016. It’s going to be another packed year. Our hope is that it is a healing time for each of our mamas and their children and that they find happiness and peace in their lives, and that they can look ahead to a bright and hopeful future, thanks to the support of all of you.

-Heather Alicia

Birthday party for the big girls!

Birthday party for the big girls!

Pi?ata time with our workers and their families!

Pi?ata time with our workers and their families!

Christmas Eve with Claudia and her daughter. As is tradition, I gave her a photo album of photos I've taken.

Christmas Eve with Claudia and her daughter. As is tradition, I gave her a photo album of photos I’ve taken.



4 Responses

  1. Gin says:

    Dear Heather and Greg,

    What a wonderful blog. You’ve shown these wee families just what love and compassion can look like. They are blossoming under your wise guidance and kindness. Giving these Mamas and their children photos of their time at Project Somos will be a life long gift. A happy time to remember. A time of learning, hope and a door to a nicer future.

    Blessings to all at Project Somos for a Happy New Year, 2016.

    Tia Gin

  2. Nicole says:

    What a beautiful way to celebrate the Christmas season! So special for everyone.

    Love and best wishes for 2016


  3. Rene Jimenez says:

    Well said, Gin! You expressed really well the same sentiments that I have for the beautiful work of Greg and Heather at Project Somos. Thank you very much!

    May the new year be a blessed one for you, for Greg and Heather, for Project Somos and for everyone associated with it.


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