About Project Somos

What is the Goal?

The goal is to create a village which provides a secure home, a loving family and a hopeful future for mamas and children in need. The vision is to build a village that will be ecologically and financially sustainable. The long term goal is to replicate this initial village in other locations.

The Project Somos Children’s Village is being established by Compassion Fruit Society.

Compassion Fruit is a Canadian non-profit charitable society founded in 2002 with a mission to engage in activities that:

• educate and create public awareness of children and families living in poverty

• assist in improving the life conditions of children and families living in poverty

Why a Children’s Village?

This project was conceived after much soul searching and on the ground research by Heather Knox and Greg Kemp. Between the two of them, they spent many months and years exploring (and sometimes volunteering at) various projects in India, Jamaica, Honduras and Guatemala. Of all the projects that inspired them, it was the children’s village model which most excited them and which they felt best suited their love of children, their hope for creating a better future and to best utilize their eclectic work and non-profit experiences they have gathered over the years. Their overriding desire to do more in this world, led them to create this vision for the Project Somos Children’s Village.

Since the inception of the vision in 2007, the couple has gathered increasing support with individuals, communities and businesses in North America and beyond. Heather and Greg moved to Guatemala in early 2011 and the support and encouragement they have been receiving from the local Guatemalans has been overwhelming. They have been warmly welcomed and the local communities are getting excited and engaged about the vision and the work.