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Project Somos has Families!

And They Need Your Help!

We came to Guatemala because we saw a need to help children but nothing prepared us for the depth of need which we have encountered…

We learned that children are often orphaned and abandoned because their mothers simply cannot afford to provide for them.  They end up institutionalized because of extreme poverty, not a as result of parental neglect.

Rather than waiting for children to become orphaned and abandoned, we at Project Somos made a decision to help children in distress by preventing disintegration of their family unit.

Where we are at now:

A few weeks ago Project Somos received its first children. They came with their mothers, their siblings, some clothes on their backs and little else. We provided clothing, healthy food, vitamins and medicine. We are strengthening their families so they can be better equipped to break the cycle of extreme poverty.


We will provide the mothers with training, counselling and job skills to better equip them to provide for their family. We will provide the children with the chance to stay in school, learn and play.

We have much more work to do and we need your help.

How will your donation support us? In addition to the construction costs to complete the village, below are some examples of the costs to support the two families.


Medical Care - for one month for 2 moms and seven children
Clothing - for one month for both families
School Supplies - for all kids for one month


Training - for moms (i.e. nutrition, first aid, hygiene, financial, family planning)
Professional fees - for two families for a month (counsellor, child psychologist)
Equipment – household supplies (i.e. blender, pressure cooker)


Food - for a family for a month
Sports Equipment - bicycles, tricycles and other sports equipment for the village


Social Workers Salary - one month’s salary
Social Enterprise -investment in supplies to start small businesses (i.e. chickens/chicken coop, handicraft)


Library – roof or painting or windows and doors


Food – for ten months for one family
Program Coordinator - to run a part-time children’s program for the year


Please note-these are examples of where the money will be spent. Know that your donation will go towards providing these families with a new start and brighter future.

Please consider supporting Project Somos today!


To make an one-time OR monthly donation online, please click here:
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To make a donation by cheque, please make it payable to:
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To make an one-time OR monthly donation online, please click here:
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To make a donation by check, please make it payable to:
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