The Homes

The Children's Village is being built on this site.

There will be seven houses within the Village and each will be home to a Guatemalan Foster Mother and up to seven children.

The first two homes were designed by Guatemalan architect, Cecilia Rodriguez.

The family homes are being built using the inexpensive and simple technology of earth bag construction.

Each home has four bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, eating area, pantry, garden and two washrooms.

The bedrooms will be gender specific and will have up to three children in each, depending on their ages.

The Mothers will maintain the homes and the children will participate with household and village chores. Daily family meals will take place in each home.

The homes will be powered by alternative technology. Grey water will be recycled.

We are building! Check out Earthbag Construction to follow the progress!

House design by architectural intern, Cecilia Rodriguez.