The Homes

The first two family homesBeautiful family homes built using earthbag construction are where the families reside during their stay at Project Somos.

Each home has four bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, eating area, pantry, patio and two washrooms.

The family homes are painted in beautiful colours and have simple features of beauty which we believe are essential to healing.

The first two homes were designed by Guatemalan architect, Cecilia Rodriguez (along with the community hall and staff house).

The bedrooms are gender specific and can accommodate up to four children in each.

The mothers will maintain the homes and the children will participate with household and village chores. Daily family meals will take place in each home.

The homes have solar heated water and grey water is recycled.

Despite temperatures that drop significantly at night, the homes maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the cold nights and no heating is required.

The long-term goal is take all houses off the grid and use solar powered electricity.

When the families leave the Project Somos Village they move into newly constructed family homes built by a partner NGO.

We are building! Check out Earthbag Construction to follow the progress!

House design by architectural intern, Cecilia Rodriguez.